Tim Hortons is introducing a new addition to its menu across the US: Dream Cookies. These cookies promise to elevate everyday moments with family and friends, offering a decadent treat for all occasions.

Tim Hortons Launches 3 New Dream Cookies In The US

Tim Hortons’ Dream Cookies are larger than your average cookie, adorned with indulgent toppings or stuffed with irresistible ingredients, and baked fresh daily.

The Dream Cookie lineup features three flavors:

  • Dream Cookies with Reese’s Minis and pecans: Indulge in peanut butter cookies filled with pecans and adorned with Reese’s Minis.
  • Dream Cookies with M&M’s Minis Milk Chocolate Candies: Enjoy sugar cookies bursting with white chocolate chips and colorful M&M’s Minis Milk Chocolate Candies.
  • Rocky Road Dream Cookies with pecans: Delight in chocolate cookies brimming with pecans, marshmallows, and chocolate.