In a bid to tantalize taste buds and redefine the chicken wing experience, Popeyes has officially launched its latest innovation: Honey Lemon Pepper Wings. Exclusive to the Popeyes app and through March 31, before hitting restaurants nationwide on April 1, these delectable wings promise a symphony of flavors unlike any other.
Popeyes Unveils New Honey Lemon Pepper Wings

This  offering boasts six expertly marinated chicken wings, each boasting a blend of sweet honey, tangy lemon, and a kick of peppery heat from black pepper. Combining the beloved essence of lemon pepper wings with an added touch of honey sweetness, these wings are hand-battered, breaded, and crisped to perfection—exactly what fans have come to expect from Popeyes’ signature Bone-In Chicken.

Joining a star-studded lineup of wing options such as Honey BBQ, Roasted Garlic Parmesan, Signature Hot, Ghost Pepper, and Sweet ‘N Spicy, the Honey Lemon Pepper Wings are poised to steal the show. Catering to basketball viewing parties and wing enthusiasts alike, Popeyes offers 18 and 24-piece wing group packs featuring an array of flavors to satisfy every palate.

In a clever marketing campaign accompanying the launch, Popeyes urges wing aficionados to reconsider their usual restaurant choices and embrace the new Honey Lemon Pepper Wings. Recognizing that farewells can be challenging, Popeyes has even crafted a self-help pamphlet to aid in the transition, set to be released in