I also visited Shawna’s Gallery – https://www.chasinglightartstudio.com/ – at 1410 South Main Street, Studio C, Springboro, Ohio 45066.  The studio is on the second floor, so you climb a flight of stairs to get to it.


At the top of the stairs you enter one of two small rooms where you can buy works by more than 15 area artists. Then you enter the large room where Shawna paints and where she gives classes.


“When I first moved to Springboro I took yoga classes here” Shawna told me. “As the morning sun streamed through these windows I always thought it would be a great place to paint. Now I can.””


“Opening this business four years ago has been like a dream come true. Now I can make art and teach in my own space. I first taught art to kids when I lived in California and I was surprised how much I loved it. I’m not sure I could tell you which of those activities – making art and teaching art – I like the best. I usually teach adults one-on-one, and I have regular group classes for kids.”